Withrow Dental Center

A 9th grade student visited the Dental Center to get a cavity filled. She was referred to UC to have wisdom teeth pulled out and get braces put in. This allowed her to improve her grades rather than let them deteriorate because she didn’t feel well and miss school.

The 4 front teeth of a senior student were intensely decayed. She came to the Dental Center and got her teeth fixed. She then went on to run for Homecoming and Prom Queen.

A senior student had a severe infection in his molars. He came to the Dental Center to receive care. His infected tooth was pulled out.

The staff at the Withrow Dental Center is well trained. Everyone is welcome to the Dental Center including members of the community and past graduates and their families. Parents are relieved to have the Dental Center so easily accessible because it allows them to immediately schedule an appointment for their child when they are having dental problems. This prevents students from not only missing a whole day of school for a dental appointment but also receiving care relatively soon so they don’t suffer with a toothache for weeks before an appointment is available.

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