“Very thorough!” – 60 year old patient

“They love it and want to stay with us” – Nurse Practitioner

The father of an 18 year old patient said that the School-Based Health Center at the Hamilton City Schools performed a more thorough examination compared to the neurologist.

Many of the students using the School-Based Health Center recommend the medical and vision services to their friends.

A student was not feeling well and visited an urgent care with her mother. The staff at the urgent care did not touch her while performing the examination. Instead, they simply wrote a prescription for medication. The mother of the student was unhappy with the treatment at the urgent care, so she took her daughter to the School-Based Health Center. The staff did a thorough examination and testing to figure out why the student was not feeling well.

Below is a summary of some stories from our NP at Hamilton.

One such case was a child who had recently moved to Hamilton with mild to moderate Asthma, scabies and chronic eczema – we were able to help this child with all of his care and refer him for additional services through CCHMC – this was all possible d/t a concerned school nurses and teachers working in concert with our Hamilton school based health center.

Several times throughout the school year we were able to see and treat several teachers, administrators and other school officials – many were so appreciative of the convenience that saved them from lost time at work and the ability to continue to also serve the student body of the Hamilton city school system.

A last child that I am reminded of was a type 1 diabetic. The child’s teacher noticed that the child was limping and when questioned she realized he had an ingrown toenail – she then referred the child to the school nurse who contacted our office. Diabetes is a condition that you must stay on top of especially when infection is present – it can cause many complications if left unchecked. Because of the diligence, quick thinking and compassion of the school staff our office was able to see the child and get him started on an antibiotic and on his way to recovery. Truly if this had not occurred I might be writing a very different story.

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