Facilitating Active Living and Healthy Eating at Sayler Park

At Mercy Sayler Park School-based Health Center we sometimes end up being the primary care home for many of our community patients and their families. I recently saw Evan, one of our students, for a well check. His mom brought him to us because she was concerned that Evan’s BMI was a bit high for his age. At the consultation we discovered that Evan has flat feet and is piegion toed and was causing pain while walking or running. This pain was making it difficult for him to be active, even though he was interested in participating in sports.    

Evan had previously been referred to physical therapy to correct the misalignment in his feet and legs. But the appointment time was not convenient for his parents work schedule. We did some research and discovered a physical therapist through Mercy who had longer evening hours. They found a therapist who could work with pediatric patients. Evan enrolled, completed the program and had significant improvements in his feet and legs. Evan has since joined a baseball team and has been able to remain active. He is now pain free!

In our follow up visits we focused on ways to increase fruit and vegetables and lower sugar in-take. Evan’s mom was so impressed with his improvements that she has been coming to see us as her primary care provider. She also wants to lose weight and start eating healthier.

We have been able to do education with the whole family on nutrition and physical activity. When leaving in the evenings, we can see the whole family walking to the local park to get their daily exercise which is exactly what all families should be doing to promote healthy lifestyles! Both mom and student have made great improvements in their health. We can continue to monitor and help them as Mercy Sayler Park School-based Health Center is so convenient for our students, families, and community members.

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