Oyler Health Center

Oyler Health CenterA story that comes to mind happened in the 2016-2017 school year. We had a 15 yo female who had never been to the dentist not once. She had been bounced around from foster care to different homes. She did not have insurance. She had low self-esteem and wasn’t too happy about coming to the health center. She was also behind on her WCC and shots. She was one of those students that never smiled and walked with her head down a lot. We were able to build a rapport with the student and get her enrolled in Medicaid. I made sure to have her come by and say hi to me every day. It started off a bit annoying for her but eventually she loved doing it. She didn’t have many clothes so I would walk her over to the were able to the Madhatter closet to pick out some items and we were able to get her some hygiene items we keep in our stash. She was able to get a WCC and a dental appt. She now walks with a smile and her head held high. She is also attending Oyler this year and I can tell she is taking much better care of herself and walks and talks with a sense of pride. I would like to think the Oyler SBHC team had a part to play in that.

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