Viking Village SBHC: Now Serving Adults

Princeton’s main SBHC is located in Viking Village. The SBHC is in the center of the school with the high school on one side and the middle school on the other. For the past couple of years only students of Princeton City Schools have been seen in the center because there was only a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Near the end of last school year, services were broadened to include students of Princeton City Schools as well as teachers and staff. With this new year, Kristie Moynahan who is the Family Nurse Practitioner on staff, hopes to see more teachers and staff take advantage of the services they have to offer.

The school year started on August 15, 2018 and within a couple hours of opening they had their first patient. A staff member from the middle school came in with symptoms of sore throat. She tested positive for strep throat. She was very appreciative and thankful services were offered so close to work. She said she would help “spread the word” to her colleagues that the SBHC was now available to adults as well as students. Within a half hour, another staff member sharing an office with her and similar symptoms came to the clinic and also tested positive for strep. Kristie is very happy she could be there for the staff as well as the students and looks forward to serving many more over the school year.

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