Levine Family Health Center: Quick Response Allows for Speedy Recovery

After gym class one day, T.J.* reported to his teacher that his testicles were hurting. The teacher sent him to the clinic where he demonstrated a great deal of pain. Upon examination, it appeared T.J. had a left testicular torsion, which needed to be confirmed via ultrasound. The Nurse Practitioner called an ambulance and followed up with Cincinnati Children’s emergency department to let them know there was a teen with a suspected torsion en route. Since the Nurse Practitioner went above and beyond in caring for the student, the emergency department was better prepared for T.J. when he arrived. Upon ultrasound it was confirmed that he did have a torsion and was taken to surgery right away. Because the SBHC is in close proximity to the school and was able to evaluate and get him the treatment he needed quickly, he did not lose a testicle. He later returned to school and is healthy once again.

*name is changed to protect privacy*

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