Academy of World Languages

Staff: Torri Webb, Josh Stetson, and Preeti Mehta

Staff: Torri Webb, Josh Stetson, and Preeti Mehta

A first grader was sent down to the SBHC by their teacher. They were having trouble seeing the board and had a headache. They failed the vision screening. The student was taken to Oyler Vision center for glasses. Now, they are doing much better and school is going well.

Two twin boys in the 7th grade often visited the SBHC for asthma and seasonal allergies. Their great-grandmother called because they were having difficulty breathing. The nurse practitioner ordered a humidifier, without knowing whether insurance would cover it. It turns out that it was free. Great-grandma cried the next time she saw the nurse practitioner because this was the first time in years her family slept. The boy’s uncle was also living with the family and for many years he had been sleeping sitting up in a chair because of breathing issues. The humidifier allowed the uncle to finally sleep flat and the twin boys to sleep through the night without waking up being unable to breath.

An 8th grader with diabetes was visiting the SBHC. His blood sugar was elevated and he was referred to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. A friend of the student told staff at the clinic, that the boy has not been in school for a few days and had received a text saying that he wanted to commit suicide. The nurse practitioner at the SBHC contacted the staff at Children’s and told them the information she found out. They worked together to get a psych consult. The boy, his mom, and a therapist met. The boy finally felt that his mom was paying attention to his diabetes.

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