Academy of World Languages Makes Mental Health Referral

Academy of World Languages School Based Health Center has affected many students in a positive way. There is a specific student this month that has warmed our hearts. A second grade girl, age 7 came to our health center several times presenting with a stomach ache. Initially, we assessed her and felt she was okay to go back to class. After the second visit she seemed very withdrawn and with a flat affect so we called the mother and expressed our concern about her stomach aches, and overall demeanor. Mom then explained that the child had experienced some vaginal spotting a few months ago and said she had taken her to Children’s Hospital to be examined because she was concerned. The mother was wondering if maybe the child’s stomach issues could be related to her starting her menstrual cycle. This raised a red flag for us. Mom requested student to be seen by our NP. The NP assessed, asked questions, and examined the student. After gathering all data and speaking to the child, concerns regarding the student’s family dynamics and overall behavior during all visits were discussed with the mental health partners co-located inside AWL. Presently the mental health provider is working with student and family to ensure the child is safe and her well- being is protected. Student has been seen in the school hallway smiling more and being more responsive to others.

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