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Withrow Makes Referral to Opthalmologist

A student here (at Withrow) had surgery on an infected eye. After she returned to school the teacher noticed in class that she was not able to see out of the eye. The teacher brought her to the health center and was then seen by an ophthalmologist the very next day. – Mindy Shelton, Casework […]

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Fairfield’s Successful Eye Exam

We had a young child just a couple weeks ago who has severe autism. She came in for an exam last year that was not successful and was actually referred to CCHMC-Ophthalmology. Dad brought her in this year, hoping it would be better. With team work from us as well as Dad, we were able […]

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Sayler Park Helps with Vaccinations

We have many families here in Sayler Park who don’t have access to reliable transportation, so our SBHC has developed into a family practice. One family, who also has a student at the school, brought their 9-month old daughter in for a well child check. This child had received zero vaccines since birth due to […]

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Rockdale Helps Child Thrive

We have a 17 month old who was born exposed to heroin, cocaine, and Hepatitis C in utero and was hospitalized after birth for 17 days for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. The mom is actively involved in our HOPE program. The child has attended every WCC visit and is followed regularly in the NAS clinic. He […]

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Life changing event at Dater High School

Even after three years, Deaconess Dental continues to surprise new faces on campus. An 18-year old student from Guatemala finally gets a new look that gives him a confident smile. Despite being far away from his family, he strides to maintain straight A’s in hopes to attend university after high school. This is a story […]

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Heritage Treats a Case of Pink Eye

A student was referred to the School Based Health Center (SBHC) by the school nurse for concern for pink eye. The student had consent on file with the SBHC. After the child was seen by the nurse practitioner and determined not to be contagious but rather an allergic presentation, the child was able to go […]

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Western Hills High School

HER DILEMMA Being overweight was something she had become accustomed to. Losing weight seemed too much of an uphill battle. How was she going to lose weight when the only store she visited was the corner store? How was she going to lose weight when her Grandma was the only who cooked for her? She […]

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CHOC (Children’s Home of Cincinnati)

We recently had a teenager who after gym class reported to his teacher that his testicles were hurting. The teacher sent him to the clinic where he demonstrated a lot of pain. Upon examination, it appeared that he had a left testicular torsion, this is confirmed by ultrasound and is a medical emergency.  We were […]

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Withrow HC

Withrow Health Center

“Good place that helps a lot. Helped raise my iron with pills and checking my iron level” – 11th Grade Withrow “I don’t feel sick again. I don’t have to go home when I am sick. Make you feel welcome” – 8th Grade Withrow “Helpful. Ask and the nurses give. They have what you need.” […]

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