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Well child care at Pleasant Hill Academy

Well child care is integral to our practice at Pleasant Hill Academy, and this year we were excited to implement point-of care-lipid testing. This has been a great tool for educating students on how important diet and exercise is to their overall health. Students are intrigued by the test itself, and are very interested in […]

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Roll Hill Schummizies

Roll Hill SBHC Starts Student Club: the Care Crew

The Roll Hill School Based Health Center has started a new student driven club called the “Care Crew.”  The mission of the club is to find ways to help promote healthy bodies and healthy minds within the Roll Hill community.  During the group’s first meeting the students made cute furry friends called Schmuzzies that they […]

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Roll Hill Group Photo

A new smile at Roll Hill Academy

When she was only 8 years old she was struck by a car, injuring her arm and knocking out her top two permanent front teeth. Even Santa couldn’t comply with her “all I want for Christmas” wishes of bringing her two new teeth, because her mother was not able to follow up by taking her […]

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Fairfield Facilitates Correct Diagnosis

We have a 12 year old patient that was previously diagnosed with ADHD by another provider outside of PHS. Pt was being treated with Adderall and having issues with anxiety and difficulty sleeping. Chae had been meeting with the patient during the office visits here. We sent the patient for a formal psychological evaluation and […]

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Rothenberg Stops Potential Outbreak

Last fall at the Rothenberg SBHC, many patients were treated during a local outbreak of bullous impetigo. This is a bacterial skin infection that presents as fluid filled blisters which rupture and ooze a clear yellow fluid before finally crusting over. It is spread easily between kids through direct contact with the bacteria. In total, […]

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Woodward SBHC Student Health Fair

The WinMed-Woodward SBHC Student Health Fair was held this past Tuesday, Oct. 3rd from 10:50-1:50, which included grades 7-12. The health fair was geared towards the students and the health concerns and issues that they deal with on a daily basis. Topics covered included abstinence and safe sex, sickle cell awareness, college readiness, domestic/partner violence, […]

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Withrow Makes Referral to Opthalmologist

A student here (at Withrow) had surgery on an infected eye. After she returned to school the teacher noticed in class that she was not able to see out of the eye. The teacher brought her to the health center and was then seen by an ophthalmologist the very next day. – Mindy Shelton, Casework […]

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